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             Garden and planting designs are individually priced as fees vary depending on many various factors f.e size of designed acreage.
             1st site visit cost is free, if Garden Design Concept Plan is requested during visit, otherwise cost is
£100 plus travelling expenses, required to be paid on the day of visit.
             In case of requesting Design Concept Plan 50% of the design cost is required to be paid after 1st visit.
             Remained 50 % of the design cost is required to be paid up to the day of 3rd visit.

                             PRICES OF GARDEN DESIGN WITH PLANTING PLAN:

     Prices including tax and travelling expenses, if travel distance is not greater than 20 miles from company office.


Garden up to 200 sq. meters                                               £500 - £850
Garden from 201 sq. meters up to 800 sq. meters              £950 - £1300
Garden from 801 sq. meters up to 1000 sq. meters            £1350 - £1900     
Garden over 1000 sq. meters                                              from  £1950